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The Baja is probably the most famous off-road racing location in the world.  The dunes of sand, the Sea of Cortez, and the neighboring mountains offer a spectacular back drop for those wishing to explore the area via off-road vehicles.  At El Dorado Ranch, we have designated trails and roads for anyone wishing to venture out on a dune buggy, Quad or other All Terrain Vehicle.  

Members and guests now have the opportunity to rent a Quad.  And don't worry, if you are a novice, these Quads are just the ticket.  Automatic transmission, 4 wheel stability, and shock absorption system make the Quads easy to ride.  Get full instructions on the easy operation of these machines.  Explore the beach and a number of specifically designated off road trails at the Ranch.  

Or, if you would rather sit back and be taken on an off-road exploration San Felipe Off Road Tours offers guided tours in their newly acquired 4 wheel drive van.  Dean will take you to the spots the "locals" like to escape to.  Venture out to the Turquoise Mine where you'll see piles of turquoise.  Explore the Cactus Garden or the Fossil beds.  If you're really adventurous, why not take a trip into the mountains to the waterfalls.

High Performance Driving School SanFelipeOffRoad Most drivers will be able to achieve level one certification in the first 4 hour session. At completion of level one, drivers will solo in one of the de-tuned cars with an instructor following and in radio contact. Level one certification will allow drivers to lease desert buggies on an hourly basis, for use on our closed course, under supervision of an instructor in a chase vehicle.
Level two will get drivers going faster and farther. We will introduce the student to more advanced techniques for car handling, reading terrain and vehicle limits. At completion of level two, drivers will be eligible to drive one of our buggies, with a passenger, on one of our guided/supported desert trips. Advanced level instruction will prepare the student to take control of one of our class legal 9 cars with the limiters off. Drivers will experience handling a car at full speed under simulated race conditions. Learn the rules of the race course, radio etiquette, crew conduct and much more. Completion of advanced level will qualify drivers to lease a race car, with full support, for participation in sportsman class CODE* racing. Experience the “real deal” with a full pro crew walking you through every phase of the race. We even supply experienced co-drivers/navigators. Check the site through the summer for fabrication updates and grand opening info!
San Felipe Off Road web site

 For more information visit the Ranch Store.  You may also contact Dean at  For more information, check out the San Felipe Off Road web site.


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